• Wellness area, Steirerhof

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Steirerhof's Wellness-Area

A special wellness area for pure sensual enjoyment

After an eventful day, you can relax in our 200 m² Steirerhof Wellness Area. Regenerate in the whirlpool, in the infrared cabin or in one of our saunas. There is also a basin, a relaxation room with panoramic windows in winter garden style and a lawn. In addition, the Steirerhof Wellness Area offers you the opportunity for massages.

Steirerhof Biosauna im Wellnessbereich


Approx. 50 degrees and 55 per cent humidity. This is a very healthy kind of sauna, that gives a wonderful sense of well-being, purifies your skin and flushes your body through. In addition an interplay of colours has a very positive effect on your body.



Deep warmth for your muscles. Effects: certain infrared-sources emit radiation that causes a thorough warming up of your skin. Subsequently - with the blood circulation - your whole body is warming up. An especially pleasant process.



Get into a sweat at approx. 90 degrees A visit to this sauna includes 2-3 "rounds". Enjoy the positive effects: a purified skin, a strengthening of the immune system and a positively stimulated metabolism.

Steirerhof Ruheraum


Approx. 40 degrees and 80 per cent humidity. An ideal combination of warmth and dampness relaxes, cleanses, purifies. Particularly soothing in case of respiratory ailments.

Steirerhof Schneestrand


At least as important as sauna is the cooling phase afterwards. Only the change from hot to cold brings the famous sauna effect. After sauna you can go out to the snow. You should go back and forth. Leave the cool air to your body, breathe deeply. When you start to freeze, the time has come to go back inside.