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Guided snowshoe hikes and a great mountain & natural scenery

Ab Steirerhof geführte Schneeschuhtouren

From our hotel with snowshoes into the nature of winter

A hiking hotel has of course not closed in the winter. We therefore offer you the most impressive form in deep snowy winter landscapes - "Snowshoeing". With simple equipment and almost no sports knowledge, this Naturtrend sport is a lot of fun and opens the winter nature to a wide audience.

Schneeschuhwandern in Schladming-Dachstein

Every week 3-5 guided snowshoe tours

Enjoy the beauty of the Winternatur of Schladming-Dachstein. We offer at least 3 guided snowshoe tours every week - during the special snowshoe hiking week it is 5 guided tours - with certified hiking guides exclusively for our hotel guests. You can of course rent snowshoes free of charge, as well as hiking sticks, drinking bottles and backpacks.

Naturbegeisterte Wanderer

Enjoy the silence in the nature of winter

With the first snow landscapes suddenly come to a completely different, new view. Nature-loving hikers, young adventurers, families, amateurs and health-conscious people find joy in snowshoeing. The Steirerhof with its professional hiking guides has developed into a leading snowshoe hiking hotel in Austria in recent years. Join us through the romantic winter landscapes of the Schladming-Dachstein region.


Equipment and technique – some tips:

  • The size of the snowshoes should be adequate. Snowshoes should be light, but solid. Please bring your alpine boots; they should be waterproof, breathing and they should reach up to your ankles. The European hotels with certification "Ramblers’ hotel" offer a variety of tours for beginners and advanced hikers. Free rental at the hotel.

  • Please choose breathing clothes, because a tour in the deep snow can make one sweat!

  • As sticks, cross-country sticks or hiking sticks with basket, usually are enough. However special Nordic Walking-sticks or Snow-sticks are better for your joints.

  • Collect your experiences on guided tours first. Certainly it doesn’t need any particular education or abilities – whoever can run can also hike with snowshoes. Nevertheless a good condition is advantageous. Our Snow-Walking-guides will show you the right technique.

  • Hikers in a deep snow-terrain, please take regard on the animals, who need their silence in the winter. You should protect yourself from avalanches by a careful planning of your tour and by taking the necessary equipment with you, like a bleeper (pieps), and also by seeking advice in your hotel.