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Classic massages, Lomi Lomi Nui, Nuad, Partial body massage, ...

Whether a relaxing massage or a revitalizing massage, our femal masseur is always a source of enthusiasm for our guests. In our selection of massages you will find what suits you and all have a common goal: your relaxation.

Classic massages:
Back and neck massage
To relax back and neck muscels and relieve tension, fatigue and stress
25 min. € 30,00
Pause of thought
Head, shoulder and neck massage.
25 min. € 30,00
reflexology 25 min. € 33,00
Sports massage for your legs 20 min. € 30,00
The little ones
Massage for kids up to 12 years old
25 min. € 30,00
Classic Full body massage
To enhance your circulation, stimulate your metabolism and activate muscels
50 min. € 57,00
Sports massage
To regenerate and activate muscels
50 min. € 60,00
Feel good
Combination of classic back and neck massage and foot reflexology
50 min. € 60,00

Special massages:
Stone Massage
The hot stone massage is based on the long history of Asian healers. The special massage technique tensions are released and the energy flow harmonized.
45 min.
75 min.
€ 55,00
€ 87,00
Thai Massage
Stretching - stretching - kneading. Muscles are animated and energetic keep it smooth. This treatment is carried out on a futon and the guest is clothed.
45 min. € 55,00
Lomi Lomi Nui
Traditional hawaiian body treatment and the queen of massages. Flowing movements in rythm of breathing and music makes time stand still.
80 min. € 90,00

For your spa treatments, please contact our masseuse, Rafaela, Tuesday and Thursday from 15 am.  We recommend to book your appointment in advance.